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5. Normalizing Rural Mental Health Through Podcasting With Jason Medows

January 31, 2022 Alli Fender Season 1 Episode 5
Flying F Ranch Podcast
5. Normalizing Rural Mental Health Through Podcasting With Jason Medows
Show Notes

Jason Medows is a mental health advocate who is also heavily involved in the rural community and ranching industry. He has a podcast called, Ag State of Mind where he openly speaks with individuals about mental health, coping mechanisms, rural living and a ton of other amazing topics. I was fortunate enough to chat with Jason last year on his podcast! We also dive into the process of podcasting and how to start if it has been something you may be considering. 

Jason and his wife, Keri also own Kula Yoga in Cuba, Missouri where they lease a commercial space along side a Ju Jitsu studio to serve their community with moving their bodies and expanding their minds. We talk a bit about brick and motor spaces and how their business was set up. 

Jason is a good friend and I look up to him for podcasting advice and embrace that he is very open with communication within Ag and normalizing the mental health tops many rural Americans shy away from. 

Check out Jason Medows/ Ag State of Mind:



Instagram: @agstateofmind

Facebook: Ag State of Mind (PRIVATE GROUP)



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