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4. Using Baby Steps To Reach Your Biggest Dreams With Kiah Twisselman Burchett

January 24, 2022 Alli Fender Season 1 Episode 4
Flying F Ranch Podcast
4. Using Baby Steps To Reach Your Biggest Dreams With Kiah Twisselman Burchett
Show Notes

Kiah Twisselman is a rancher tuned life coach who lost OVER 100 POUNDS after having a wake up call moment on an airplane and digging her head in a book that was at the moment she needed it most... and it changed her life.

Kiah is now serving a community of women on her community by coaching them to change their mindset and create the life they love. She has been featured in big headlines like People Magazine, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood and more!

She is also a huge beef advocate and has a ton of experience in beef nutrition, education and promotion. She has a great background that aligned her with her current speaking events through the Kentucky Beef Council and she continues to bridge the gap while also using her skills to help other who need her words and wisdom most. 

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