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3. Maximizing & Sharing Your Space with Val Cook of Kinship Ranch

January 17, 2022 Alli Season 1 Episode 3
Flying F Ranch Podcast
3. Maximizing & Sharing Your Space with Val Cook of Kinship Ranch
Show Notes

Val and her husband went all in on purchasing a ranch with family. It was always a big dream of theirs to own and operate a ranch but they never knew when it would be the right time. Three years ago, Val's mother in law found a property an hour north from their home of Reno Nevada in California. The ranch was a perfect fit for the family. They packed up and started a new journey.

They brainstormed and decided utilizing the ranch as a wedding venue would be a great way to develop a business for the ranch to sustain itself. It worked! They are now booked out through 2022 and are constantly making improvements on the ranch to host beautiful, outdoor weddings.

This is a great listen if you have considered events on your property and want some more insight on how it all works and some ideas to get you started.

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