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17. My Digital Farmer: Marketing Tips for Rural Businesses with Corinna Bench

May 23, 2022 Alli Fender Season 1 Episode 17
Flying F Ranch Podcast
17. My Digital Farmer: Marketing Tips for Rural Businesses with Corinna Bench
Show Notes

Corinna Bench is an entrepreneur, CSA farmer, speaker, podcaster, consultant, and educator who is committed to helping CSA farmers build CSAs that are profitable and viable for the long-term. Since 2008, she and her husband have been full-time farmers at Shared Legacy Farms in Elmore, OH, where they manage a 425 member CSA customer base that now boasts a retention rate near 90%. 

Corinna is the founder of which is dedicated to helping farmers get better at messaging, sales and marketing in their business. She is a promoter of the national CSA movement and serves as a collaborator with the CSA Innovation Network. She also hosts the My Digital Farmer podcast and the CSA Marketing Discussion Facebook group. 

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