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10. Good Cattle and Good Business with Cinnamon Lenhart

March 07, 2022 Alli Fender Season 1 Episode 10
Flying F Ranch Podcast
10. Good Cattle and Good Business with Cinnamon Lenhart
Show Notes

Cinnamon and her husband Jade raise black angus cattle in Northeast Wyoming. They are firm believers in two things, Good Cattle and Good Business.They believe their good, maternal ,cows make ranching easy and the good business principles they have learned from others in the industry make it possible.

Cinnamon is a self development junkie, a stay at home working mom to two cowboy kids, a website designer, and one of the founders for Ranching.FYI. She is also very active on Instagram where you will catch her brainstorming with business owners, chasing their new border collie puppy, or drinking a now cold cup of coffee. Cinnamon loves sweets, creating, cooking, and anything in the color Army green.

Don’t worry though Cinnamon is far from perfect and let’s you know that with her common misspellings, imperfect sayings, and overall all realness of life. Join Cinnamon and let’s find something Good today.

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